About Fortora

Who are we?

Headquartered in Bellflower, California, we specialize in people friendly finance management software. Our products help people all around the world put their financial lives in order.

Our Mission: Create the best products & customer experience.

We understand that people want simplicity, and just want to get the job done right. And most importantly, we know that without our customers we cannot exist, so we always strive to provide the best products and experiences possible for our valued customers.

Our Products: Simple, yet powerful.

Sure people want things to be easy, but that doesn't mean they don't want powerful features also. Our products are unique in that they are simple, yet powerful. We design software that's easy to learn, with clean uncluttered screens, and with all the features people want. And we are continually enhancing our products based on user feedback, so that means customers get products specially designed around their needs -- That's the big difference.

Privacy: Your data is yours, period.

We are committed to the privacy of our valued customers. Your data stays on your computer, and is in your control. Always. Read our privacy policy.